Privacy policy

Providing our obligation ensuring from regulations of GDPR we would like to inform you how we process the personal data of people using website and online stores, such as WAYFAIR, E-MAG and ARENA and also inform you about the rights resulting from regulations appertained for people, who have entrusted us with their personal data.

Who is the Administrator of personal data?

Meblosiek Furniture Company LLC in Kolonia Osiek is the Administrator personal data.  Meblosiek Furniture Company LLC manages the website and sells it products at online shops such as WAYFAIR, E-MAG and ARENA.

How can you contact us in matters of processing of personal data?

If you have any questions regarding the privacy rules and processing of personal data, please contact us at

What kind of data are we collecting?

  1. The data necessary for the goods offered by online shops: name, surname, phone number, e-mail, address, account data (number of bank account), data of good’s receiver.
  2. The data necessary to respond inquiries sent by contact form.
  3. The Administrator may process the data contained in Cookies while users visit online shops in following purposes: adapting the content of the website and shopping platforms for individual preferences of the visitors (e.g. regarding colors, font size, layout) and optimizing the use of the website and keeping anonymous statistics, showing the use of the website.

How and why we process the personal data?

  1. The customer’s and users of the website data is processed for execution of contract – art. 6, letr. 1, b) GDPR.
  2. Answers to the questions sent via contact form on the website – art. 6, letr. 1, f) GDPR. – where the legitimate interest is to maintain the relationship with the client. The data is processed until the termination of correspondence with client.
  3. Publication and maintenance of published notice – contract – art. 6, letr. 1, b) GDPR. The data is processed until the time of expiration of the notice.
  4. Conducting marketing activities of products and services with the use of electronic means communication, based on art. 6, letr. 1, f) GDPR, where the legitimate aim is to conduct marketing activities until the withdrawal of appliczation.
  5. For statistics purposes only, based on art. 6, letr. 1, b) GDPR, where the legitimate purpose is to have informations about the statistics of our activities which allows us to improve our performance until the time we will receive another additional legal basis for processing – or if we lose the legal basis, all data will be anonymous.

Who receives the personal data?

Personal data will be transferred to entities or bodies authorized by the law, the entities and bodies, who requires the data to take on a specific action. The Administrator can also entrust the data to other entities, which supports the company’s activities, e.g. accounting, legal aid, personnel, insurance, web hosting, the companies managing Administrator’s in terms of IT, the sites that enables you to pay and courier companies that deliver goods,

Is there an obligation to provide personal data?

Providing personal data is voluntary, except for the situation, where the law requires to have them, e.g. tax law, accounting regulations or when their provision is necessary for the Administrator to execute the ordered services.

What are the rights regarding the processing of personal data?

You have the right to access your data and modify it in case they are not correct with the actual state as well as right to request a removal or limitation of processing. You can also make use of the right to raise an objection for processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes. If the data subject considers that processing the personal data violates the regulations of the general decree of protecting personal data, dated 27th April 2016, he/she is entitled to raise an objection to supervisory body – the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

How long do we keep your personal data?

The personal data will be processed for the contract period, cooperation or until the expiration of mutual claims arising from the contract’s regulations – 6 years from the expiration date of contract or delivery of the goods. The personal data marked on invoices and other documents will be stored for the time determined by the polish tax law (5 years). Other data will be stored for the period of using e-mail with the guarantee of erasing messages and attachments.

Additional information:

The Administrator does not process the data automatically (in this form of profiling).