AVIGNON – noble oak/ black

a collection that allows to display the most beautiful home decorations. The use of noble oak and black elements will transform any room into an elegant interior. It’s a perfect solution for people who value originality and functionality. The unusual combination of two colors allows you to arrange the furniture in many ways, depending on personal preferences. Avingon looks both luxurious and modern.

IndexNameWidghtHeightDephtNo. of packagesKg
AI 01Vitrine 1D12018149,5397
AI 02Vitrine1D6518149,5255
AI 03Chest of drawers160,59149,5272
AI 04Chest of drawers2209149,5390
AI 05Table 1801808090343
AI06Table 1601608090240
AI 15Extendable table180+408090254
AI 16Extendable table160+408090248
AI 07Coffee table1354770225
AI 08RTV cabinet16051,549,5250
AI 29Mirror x 360603115

The colors of the furniture shown in the photo may slightly differ from the real ones. The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes without changing the overall character of the furniture. All dimensions are given in cm with a tolerance of +/- 3 cm.