FABIO – white high gloss/ black

this collection fits in modern spaces. Timeless white color looks beautiful in any arrangement, optically enlarging the occupied interiors. High gloss in combination with glass elements allows you to keep an order and display your favorite decorations. The handle-free locking system and LED lighting emphasize the simplicity and elegance.

IndexNameWidghtHeightDephtNo. of packagesKg
FB 01Vitrine 2D11019140392
FB 02Vitrine 1D5519140256
FB 03Chest of drawers1658450274
FB 04Chest of drawers2208450393
FB 05Table 1801807990249
FB 06Table 1601607990245
FB 07Coffee table1354770234
FB 08RTV cabinet1504650142
FB 28Mirror160704127

The colors of the furniture shown in the photo may slightly differ from the real ones. The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes without changing the overall character of the furniture. All dimensions are given in cm with a tolerance of +/- 3 cm.