FERRARA – oak kanion

is an elegant collection for the dining or living room, in lassic, neutral canyon oak. Simple and at the same time massive structure is characterized by fronts assembled from several elements, which gives it a unique design. Several types of chests of drawers and tables mean that everyone will find an appropriate furniture for their room. Additional lighting for display cases will add warmth and modernity.

IndexNameWidghtHeightDephtNo. of packagesKg
FA 01Vitrine 2D12019547382
FA 02Vitrine 3D7219547258
FA 45Chest of drawers1208547255
FA 03Chest of drawers1688547267
FA 04Chest of drawers2168547370
FA 05Table1801807990243
FA 06Table 1601607990240
FA 07Coffee table1354668225
FA 08RTV cabinet1504847137
FA 15Extendable table180+407990254
FA 16Extendable table160+407990248
FA 29Mirror x 360603115

The colors of the furniture shown in the photo may slightly differ from the real ones. The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes without changing the overall character of the furniture. All dimensions are given in cm with a tolerance of +/- 3 cm.