MALMO – oak sonoma/ white

a collection of pieces in the Scandinavian style, perfect for a living or teenage room. Equally interesting and elegant shapes, subdued colors and solid, wooden legs will be a decent and timeless addition to any space.

IndexNameWidghtHeightDephtNo. of packagesKg
M5 10Sideboard11113940260
M5 01Vitrine 2D11118540270
M5 02Vitrine 1D5718540244
M5 03Chest of drawers1657850256
M5 04Chest of drawers2207850373
M5 05Table1801807690243
M5 06Table1601607690240
M5 07Coffee table1354670225
M5 08RTV cabinet1505140126
M5 09Shelf102302018
M5 29Mirror x 360603118

The colors of the furniture shown in the photo may slightly differ from the real ones. The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes without changing the overall character of the furniture. All dimensions are given in cm with a tolerance of +/- 3 cm.