WARIO – oak artisan/ black graphite

a collection for people who are not afraid of a bolder proposal. The combination of Artisan wood and dark accents creates a modern whole. These elements highlight the shapes of furnitures and emphasize their extraordinary character. If you want to create a unique atmosphere in the interior, it is worth investing in the WARIO collection. The uniqueness lies in the fact that they do not need much to get attention. A few accessories and voilà – a phenomenal interior is ready.

IndexNameWidghtHeightDephtNo. of packagesKg
WR 07Coffee table1106150130
WR 08RTV cabinet1604540129
WR 15Bookcase8016740251
WR 16Wardrobe 1D5516740131
WR 24Chest of drawers649540122
WR 45Chest of drawers1608140144

The colors of the furniture shown in the photo may slightly differ from the real ones. The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes without changing the overall character of the furniture. All dimensions are given in cm with a tolerance of +/- 3 cm.